NCAA Coach Bob McKillop Video Interviews on Excellence

Basketball coach Bob McKillop is known for mentoring and developing former Davidson College Wildcat #30 Stephen Curry, now an NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors world champion. As the winning coach of the 2018 Atlantic 10 Men’s Basketball Tournament, Bob McKillop’s consistent pattern of excellence extends over decades. Dr. Mark Tobin is pleased to share the first of a series of video interviews on the subject of achieving sustainable excellence.

NCAA Coach McKillop – How to be excellent every day  3:03
In order to win you have to focus on the process of being excellent every day. In this interview, Coach McKillop describes his system to motivate his players to be excellent every day, while finding  joy in the process.

Coach Bob McKillop – How to achieve sustainable excellence 1:56
How does Coach Bob McKillop build basketball teams that are consistently strong? He explains how he creates a culture of excellence at Davidson College, the A-10 Champions in 2018.

Steph Curry’s College Coach Bob McKillop Discusses Confidence and Humility 2:10
Steph Curry hasn’t lost the balance of confidence and humility he displayed as Davidson College #30, a jersey number he carried on to the NBA. Bob McKillop shares how Steph strikes that balance.

Coach Bob McKillop – Three words to motivate a winning team 2:01
Why did Steph Curry get a “TTC 30” tattoo? Coach McKillop reveals three powerful words that nurtured Curry and decades of Davidson athletes.

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