Organizational Assessment and Culture

Executive Coaching The Tobin Company

Great companies, sports teams and other organizations have vibrant cultures. People are highly energized, motivated and engaged in pursuit of clear vision, strategy and performance. You feel energized when you come to work every day in great cultures. Individual agendas give way to a single minded focus on achieving results. Individuals come and go over time, but the environment of excellence remains consistent in strong, performance oriented cultures. Unfortunately, many athletes, executives and other professionals do not have the good fortune to come to work every day and experience a company or team that has truly created and sustained a high performance culture. In order to assess the current state of your company or team, The Tobin Company works with you to identify the key influencers and stakeholders in the group’s success. Interviews, surveys and focus groups with key stakeholders are then conducted to determine the current state of the culture. A customized report is reviewed with leaders, along with an action plan for developing a high performance culture.

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