360 Assessments

Executive Coaching The Tobin Company

Senior executives achieve their positions by delivering great results. The more seniority one achieves, the less feedback they receive. Many executives and other leaders achieve stellar results but are often unaware of the impressions they create about their leadership along the way. At the Tobin Company, we do not believe superior results need to be achieved at the expense of relationships. We work with executives to achieve superior business results through collaboration, influence and by creating great organizational and team cultures. We often find that many strong leaders who have created productive working relationships benefit by “polishing the edges” of their leadership style in order to fully realize their potential. Truly great leaders create an environment where honest feedback is freely given and received, even among the most senior executives.

Unfortunately, most 360 assessment instruments leave executives with more questions than answers. Many instruments provide 1-5 rating scales on various aspects of leadership accompanied by many statistics and colorful graphs. These types of analyses often fail to provide the context of why people provided their ratings and therefore result in a lack of actionable feedback related to the unique style and leadership impact of the individual leader.

We do not believe the quality of feedback necessary for lasting and meaningful change can be obtained by asking interviewees to go online and compile a list of numbers along with a few optional comments. At the Tobin Company, we believe executive assessment involves fully understanding the impact and nuance of each executive’s leadership style, and its effect on those around them. A member of our staff conducts individual interviews with each of the key stakeholders of a particular leader. We collect the necessary data for our clients to fully appreciate the impact of their leadership style on others.

After conducting detailed interviews, we provide a robust feedback experience with our executives and other leaders. This experience allows our clients to create the necessary insight and motivation to achieve lasting and meaningful change in their leadership style and approach. We then create a customized action plan for executive coaching which addresses leadership development opportunities as well as leveraging strengths. Our clients often tell us they have been through many 360 assessments during their careers, but none with the impact and depth of our approach. Our 360 executive assessment is often a career and life changing event for clients.

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