Executive Onboarding

Executive Coaching The Tobin Company

The investment in hiring a senior executive from outside a company is substantial. Unfortunately, research shows approximately 40-50% of senior executives recruited externally leave their new organizations within eighteen months. This statistic increases to over 50% in a three year time horizon. These results cost companies many times the annual salary of the executive when all the costs of a failed senior executive integration are included. The primary reason for these high failure rates is the senior executive’s lack of success integrating into, and being accepted by, the culture of their new organization. Best practice companies recognize the risk associated with outside hiring and do not leave the integration process to chance. They realize how the new executive integrates within the first six months is a strong predictor of long term success or failure. The Tobin Company has developed a structured Onboarding process which partners with internal resources to increase the likelihood of successful executive integration.

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