Sport Psychology Lessons on Video – NASCAR Interviews

The following sport psychology videos were excerpted from FOX Sports interviews with Dr. Mark Tobin.  These interview segments, recorded before the inaugural NASCAR Truck Series Elimination Race at Talladega, are instructional to NASCAR fans and athletes in all sports.

The importance of a support system for elite athletes 1:39
No elite athlete achieves greatness without a solid foundation of social support.  Dr. Mark Tobin examines the types of support systems that benefit and detract from superior performance.

Performing under pressure — the competition plan  2:05
Nothing can be left to chance in order to perform your best during competition. Dr. Mark Tobin highlights the importance of a Competition Plan in consistently achieving peak performance.

The pressure of driving in the NASCAR Chase  3:21
Playoff intensity is unlike any regular season in sports. Dr. Mark Tobin shares his views on the pressures facing NASCAR Truck Series drivers in elimination races.

Do veteran athletes have a psychological advantage?  2:45
The mentality of athletes changes as they gain experience at the highest levels of their sport. Mark Tobin discusses the different mentalities of drivers in the NASCAR Truck Series. Athletes and coaches in all sports can apply these principles to maximize performance.


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