Clinical Issues With Athletes

Sport Psychology

Elite athletes live in a unique world understood by few. Outsiders view elite athletes as privileged individuals living glamorous lifestyles. It is true that elite athletes receive many privileges others do not. However, most have worked extremely hard to achieve success and must continue demanding training and schedules to remain at the elite level. This lifestyle can create unique problems for athletes, their families and other relationships. At times, elite athletes and their families need assistance in areas such as couples counseling, family counseling, anxiety, stress management, anger management, and substance abuse, to name a few. When this type of assistance is needed, very few professionals fully understand the unique lifestyles and demands placed upon elite athletes in the performance world. They must maintain their competitive edge while also learning skills to create healthy relationships and lifestyles away from their competitive occupations. Elite athletes require the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Dr. Tobin is a licensed psychologist who understands the world of high performance and has over 20 years training and experience in psychological assessment and counseling.

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