Sustainable Excellence Through Process, Discipline & Focus (Part 3)

I’ve presented the process and discipline components of sustainable excellence in the last two posts. The final piece of the performance equation is focus. Your goal plan provides the process you follow to achieve your ultimate vision. Determining whether goals are met along the way lets you know if you have the necessary discipline to achieve sustainable excellence.

On any given day, there are countless options competing for our attention. Most people (even most performers) allow the events of the day to determine their activity. They end up constantly feeling behind, always catching up and ultimately overwhelmed. Most people are living the life of the proverbial hamster on the wheel in the cage. Why?

They lack focusing skills. Focus is the ability to turn your attention, energy and effort towards things that will allow you to achieve your ultimate vision and avoid distractions that will deter you. Here are some tips to ensure you stay focused every day.

For business people: Don’t make a “to do” list with ten things on it. Completing two out of ten things on a list is not focus. Instead, start each day with a commitment to complete one or two things critical to achieving your vision. Get them done before turning your attention to other matters.

For athletes: Much of your time is structured practice determined by your coaches. If you want sustainable excellence, don’t just run with the pack. Make a personal goal you would like to achieve during each practice in addition to what your coaches require.

For both: Create a time management journal. At the end of every day, give yourself a 1-10 rating on how well you focused and used your time. Note lessons learned such as: What did I allow to become a distraction today? What allowed me to remain truly focused today?

Another focusing tip is to plan your next day at the end of the current day. Sustainable excellence is achieved through proactivity, not reactivity!


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