Executive Presence and Leadership Panel Discussion on Video

The following videos were recorded when Dr. Mark Tobin served on a panel discussing executive presence and leadership.

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Executive Presence
Mentoring and Feedback
The Leadership Mindset
Sustainable Excellence

Executive Presence

Can I learn to have executive presence?  1:05
Can we learn how to have executive presence if we weren’t born with it?  Are we constrained by genetics?  The answers:  yes and …  yes.  Mark Tobin explains the nature vs. nurture debate, providing a realistic view of possibilities.  He reveals the key factors you can control in enhancing your presence.

Can an introvert develop executive presence?  2:09
Many great leaders are introverts. It’s safe to say you won’t be an effective leader if you hide behind your office door. But it is entirely possible for introverts to learn extroverted behavior and become respected and effective leaders. Watch Mark Tobin for tips.

Research on executive presence  2:43
When most people think of “executive presence,” they focus on style – clothing, appearance, speaking skills. But research defines executive presence based on three equally important factors: character, substance and style. Learn about the importance of all three from Mark Tobin.

How do I give someone feedback on executive presence?  1:40
Giving vague, general feedback is often a way for leaders to avoid difficult conversations that employees need to improve. Dr. Mark Tobin reveals how a leader can spot specific behaviors and offer effective guidance to help employees advance in their careers.


Mentoring and Feedback

Investing in relationships  2:27
Successful people don’t operate in a vacuum. Sometimes you need help from a colleague. But if you wait until you’re in a tough spot to reach out, you’ve already missed the boat. Dr. Mark Tobin shares techniques for proactively building relationships that are sincere and lasting.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a mentor  1:20
Are you worried someone you respect will feel bothered if you ask them to be your mentor? Dr. Mark Tobin offers reassurance and tips that empower you to secure a valuable mentor relationship.

How do I become self-aware?  2:10
To be excellent day after day, we need continual feedback. And not just any kind of feedback. Dr. Mark Tobin gives tips on where to find honest, actionable input to make you self-aware on the path to sustainable excellence.

How do I give difficult feedback to a colleague?  1:36
How do you know when it’s okay to offer feedback and when you should keep it to yourself? Dr. Mark Tobin explains how to interpret the signals and, more importantly, how to establish a culture where people are receptive to honest feedback.


The Leadership Mindset

What does it mean to be an authentic leader?  1:26
Do you feel comfortable in your leadership skin? Do some assignments make you feel conflicted with your personal ethics? Mark Tobin explains how to listen to your internal signals and remain true to yourself as an authentic leader.

What is servant leadership?  :56
If your attitude is to serve others, regardless of your title, seniority or power, and you bring a commitment to sustainable excellence, everyone benefits. Here’s how.

Can I be confident and humble?  1:05
We think of leaders being confident and assertive, but can they simultaneously be humble? Dr. Mark Tobin discusses the importance of balance between confidence and humility.


Sustainable Excellence

How do I become excellent?  1:34
Getting promoted, making more money – these are outcomes. But we can’t control outcomes. Mark Tobin explains how embracing the concept of sustainable excellence – doing our best, day after day – does give us control over the process that leads to these outcomes.


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